BLG 76 H / 76 L - Fenced Barrier

Rising Fenced Barrier (up to 5 m)



BLG 76 - Fenced Barrier

The BLG 76 rising barrier with fence is built on the robust architecture of the BL 52, and is equipped with a boom carrying a mesh fence.

It is an interesting alternative to a sliding gate. In addition to closing and securing an access, you can control it, vehicle by vehicle, and in a more fluid way.


Its main features are :


. Reinforced security

. Closing access to pedestrians as well, even on a very wide road

. Robustness and dissuasion of the unit

. Strict and effective entry control


. Assimilation of a major flow of vehicles

. System faster than a sliding gate


. Compactness on the ground

. Small overall dimensions in comparison with a sliding gate


The main market segments concerned are :


. Perimeter access (tertiary, industries, port and airport premises, sensitive sites...)


See available options and accessories.



BLG 76 H / BLG 76 L - Rising Barriers with Mesh Fence






BLG 76 H

BLG 76 L

Frequency of use :

moderate to intensive

moderate to intensive

Max. free passage :

4.4 m

5 m

Height from ground :

2.3 m

1.9 m

Fence :

4.8 x 2.2 m

5.3 x 1.7 m

Opening / closing time :

8 to 12 sec. 

8 to 12 sec.



                     NEW: BLG 76 H

     BLG 76 L 






For more information please download the technical datasheet BLG 76 H / 76 L

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