Pedestrian Products

Automatic pedestrian entrance control provides:

  • Uncompromising security to ensure user safety
  • Efficient pedestrian traffic management
  • Savings on operating costs


 Automatic Systems products deliver all this, plus excellent reliability.


Choose from our lines of discreet, innovatively styled products that are compatible with most access control systems.



Security Entrance Lanes

Security entrance lanes are designed to achieve maximum pedestrian throughput while offering a high level of security.
Their discreet, modern styling coordinates perfectly with corporate and public environments.

Swing Gates

The perfect complement to security entrance lanes, the swing gates offer emergency egress while accommodating the people with reduced mobility and service staff.

Tripod Turnstiles

Our easy-to-use, robust tripod turnstiles with a low profile design provide automatic
access control for high traffic sites.
Also available in glass for sophisticated corporate environments.

Full-height Turnstiles

Used primarily to secure the perimeter of fenced outdoor sites, full-height turnstiles promote single passage and are extremely weather resistant.

Security Doors

Security doors offer the most powerful solution for physical and electronic security of automated entrance control. The doors prevent hot and cold air from directly entering the building, leading to reduced energy comsuption.



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