SmartLane 912 Twin

Automatic Systems' security turnstile with dual compact passageway and Enhanced Entrance/Exit Control



SmartLane 912 Twin-Dual security turnstile
SmartLane 912 Twin-Dual Security turnstile

SmartLane 912 Twin security turnstile, with enhanced access control in both directions of passage (entrance/exit), offers an optimized balance between ease of passage and a compact footprint with a dual passageway.


SmartLane 912 Twin main features are :


. Aesthetics of SmartLane 912 Twin security turnstile

. Discrete and elegant design

. Rounded forms and glass obstacle

. Quality of finish

. Bright, modern pictograms


. Security of SmartLane 912 Twin

. Secure, reliable, performant tailgating detection system

. Retractable obstacles allow fast closure of the walkway

. Height of the obstacles: up to 1.9 m

. Mechanical locking, preventing forced opening


. Protection of users with SmartLane 912 Twin security turnstile

. Numerous electronic safety cells

. Permanent control of the movement of the obstacle

. Protection against finger entrapment and physical injury

. In case of emergency, the passage is opened by intrinsic mechanical energy


. Reliability of Automatic Systems security turnstiles

. 40 years' experience, 90 million users daily

. Systems in operation in over 10,000 gates in public transport

. 3rd generation of gates with retractable obstacles

. Long lifecycle and reduced operating costs


The main market segments concerned by Automatic Systems' security turnstiles SmartLane 912 Twin are :


. Banks, insurance companies

. Governmental and institutional establishments

. Office buildings, registered offices, administrative sites...

. Schools, universities and colleges

. Sensitive sites : military, nuclear, pharmaceutical, computer centers...

. Airports


The SmartLane 912 Twin security turnstile can be used in conjunction with the SL 930 and SL 931 glass swing gates



See available options and accessories



SmartLane 912 Twin-Dual security turnstile
SmartLane 912 Twin-Dual security turnstile

Passages / minute :


Level of security :


Obstacle height :

1000/1200/1700/1900 mm

(Length x Width x Height) :

2000 x 1550 x 1020 mm

Passage width :

500 mm * 2

Retractable obstacles

Bi-directional motorised operation

Several modes of operation

Adjustable speed


For more information download the technical datasheet SmartLane 912 Twin

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