BL 229 - Vehicle Barrier

Universal Rising Barrier - High Performance and Intensive Use (up to 6m)



BL 229 - Universal Vehicle Rising Barrier

The BL 229 rising barrier is a universal barrier : its high performance and great reliability enable it to be used in a wide range of applications such as traffic management, parking lots, industrial sites... and even toll roads (for the fast version).


Its main features are :


. Modularity

. Barrier designed for many applications and environments

. Numerous accessories offered, allowing to meet various installation constraints, and various requirements in terms of security

. Barrier equipped with control unit allowing operation perfectly adapted to every situation

. Change of configuration or operation possible, even after initial installation of the product


. Performance

. Fast and quiet movements

. Assimilation of major flows of vehicles


The main market segments concerned are :


. Perimeter access (residential, SME, SME, tertiary sector, industries, hospitals...)

. Car parks


See available options and accessories.



BL 229 - Universal Vehicle Rising Barrier

Frequency of use :

moderate to very intensive use

Width of passage :

from 2 to 6 meters

Opening / closing time :

adjustable from 1 to 4 sec

Special features : many accessories and operations available. The BL 229 is THE Automatic Systems universal barrier


For more information please download the technical datasheet BL 229

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