Parking spaces, in both covered or open air, such as payment parking facilities require entry and exit control. For these applications, we have designed reliable, enduring and permanent barriers, able to work in synergy with an external management system.



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Parking barriers




ParkPlus 100
Parking Barrier - Aluminum arm (max.4m)

ParkPlus 101
Parking Barrier -  Articulated arm (max.4m)

ParkPlus 244
Parking Barrier -  Semi-reinforced arm (max.4m)



Download here the ParkPlus brochure




Short and medium barriers


Our short and medium barriers amply meet the constraints of all parking facilities, even covered ones.


BL 229

BL 229
Universal Vehicle Barrier
High performance
Intensive Use



Download here the BL 229 brochure



Security barriers


For parking lots presenting a risk of vandalism or major fraud, we recommend the installation of these particularly robust barriers, which will ensure increased profitability of your revenue system.


BL 44

BL 44
Security Barrier - Reinforced arm
High Vehicle Flow



Download here the BL 4x brochure




Rising bollards


The Automatic Systems rising bollards combine integration and security. Their design makes it possible to use them for the protection of sites, even in urban surroundings or at a prestigious site.


MB 50

RB 60-80


MB 50
Semi-automatic Rising Bollard

RB 60-80
Automatic Rising Bollard




Download here the RB brochure






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