BL 47 - Fenced Barrier

Fenced Barrier with rigid security bars - Sensitive security profiles (max. 4.35m)

BL 47



BL 47 - Fenced Barrier

One of the latest products of the Automatic Systems Research Department, the rising barrier BL 47 is equipped in series with a barred boom with crests and sensitive security profiles. The BL47 closes the access (up to 4.35m) hermetically, making it impossible for both vehicles and pedestrians to go through.


The main features of the rising barrier BL 47 are :


. Reinforced security

. Access is closed to pedestrians as well, even on a wide road

. Boom with integrated bolting into the column (option)

. Very robust barrier


The main market segments concerned are :


. Perimeter access (tertiary, industries...)

. Sensitive sites


See available options and accessories.



BL 47 - Fenced Barrier

Frequency of use :

moderate to intensive use

Width of passage :

from 3.5 to 4.35 meters

Opening / closing time :

adjustable from 5 sec

Special features : barrier equipped with a barred boom with crest and sensitive security profiles


For more information please download the technical datasheet BL 47

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