MB 50 - Rising Bollard

Semi-automatic Rising Bollard (Height 500mm)



MB 50 - Rising Bollard

The MB 50 retractable bollard is the "manual" (or "semi-automatic") version of the RB 60 and RB 80 products. The passage is cleared by a human action, with a specific key, then the obstacle is repositioned thanks to a hydraulic actuator. This product is therefore recommended for private sites with an occasional passage.


Its main features are :


. Integration

. Sober and elegant design

. Completely retractable obstacle if the passage has to be free


. Simplicity

. Product without electronic control

. Allows simple and effective control of passageg


The main market segments concerned are :


. Sensitive Sites (occasional access)


See available options and accessories.



MB 50 - Rising Bollard

Height of the obstacle :

500 mm

Diameter :

275 mm

Actuator :

hydraulics rising / manual descent

Frequency of use :

moderate to intensive use

Opening / closing time :

10 cm/sec. (Manual opening of the passage)


For more information please download the technical datasheet MB 50

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