RB 60-80 - Rising Bollard

Automatic Rising Bollard (Height 600-800mm)



RB 60-80 - Rising Bollard

The RB 60 and RB 80 automatic rising bollards are intended for controlling the access to a site, while protecting it from any attempt at intrusion. Their discrete and elegant design allows a harmonious integration into urban surroundings or at the entrances of prestigious sites.


In the raised position, these retractable bollards close a road to vehicles, without restricting access by pedestrians. In the lowered position, they are hidden, allowing access to vehicles. The applications are varied : access to pedestrian paths, entrances to sites, protection of public or private buildings...


For demanding applications in terms of security, see the RB 70 S product.


Its main features are :


. Integration

. Sober and elegant design

. Completely retractable obstacle if the passage has to be free


. Performance

. Intensive use

. Proven robustness and reliability

. Product tolerates soft impacts


. Modularity

. Allows an access to be blocked regardless of its width

. High level of customisation of the operation adapted to your site

. Many accessories available


The main market segments concerned are :


. Perimeter access

. Sensitive Sites


See available options and accessories.



RB 60-80 - Rising Bollard

Height of the obstacle :

600 mm (RB 60) or 800mm (RB 80)

Diameter :

275 mm

Actuator :


Frequency of use :

moderate to intensive use

Opening / closing time :

10 cm/sec.


For more information please download the technical datasheet RB 60-80

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