RSB 76E - Road Blocker

Recessed Electromechanical Road Blocker - High Security Obstacle (Height 665mm)



RSB 76E - Road Blocker

The RSB 76 E product is a high security electromechanical retractable obstacle. Its structure and its dimensions enable it to resist violent impacts. Secures the entrances to sites with a very high degree of control, with a risk of intrusion.

Activation by an electromechanical unit makes it possible for the RSB 76 E to function in environments subject to freezing, while respecting the environment.

This product is also available in a hydraulic version.


Its main features are :


. Robustness

. Product designed for industrial environment

. Huge strenght to impact

. Non submited to frost effect (electromechanical actuator)


. Security

. Dissuasive effect of the obstacle

. Effective resistance of the obstacle

. Controls in a separate housing


The main market segments concerned are :


. Sensitive Sites (government buildings, embassies, military sites, barracks, storage centers, airports...)


See available options and accessories.



RSB 76E - Road Blocker

Width of passage :

3 meters, 3.5 meters or 4 meters

Height of the obstacle :

665 mm

Actuator :


Frequency of use :

moderate to intensive use

Opening / closing time :

from 3 sec.

Resistance to impact :

610 KJ

Special features : very resistant to impact : stops a 6.8 ton vehicle launched at 48 kph

Special features : electromechanical actuator


For more information please download the technical datasheet RSB 76 E

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