TollPlus 261 - Toll Barrier

Highway barrier (4m max.) - Boom ejection system





TollPlus 261 - Highway barrier

For optimal operation, toll highways require a fast and efficient traffic management system. In addition, this sector requires a high level of safety, reliability, robustness and low maintenance. Automatic Systems TollPlus 261 barrier meets these needs whilst offering  flexibility, a compact footprint and a wide range of booms.




Its main features are:


The reference for the highway environment:

  • 20.000 cycles/day


A very high speed performance:

  • 50 vehicles per minute


High modularity:

  • Boom up to 4 metres in length


Boom ejection system as standard





TollPlus 261 - Highway barrier



TollPlus 261 - Highway barrier - PROTECTA boom

A wide range of options and accessories:


  • PROTECTA boom
  • bicolor light
  • ultrasound sensor
  • RAL color
  • ...




  • Highways
  • Tolls




Characteristics & Assets

Characteristics & Assets

TollPlus 261 - Highway barrier
TollPlus 261 - Highway barrier



TollPlus 261 - Highway barrier



Arm type:


Arm shape:

80 x 54 mm

Arm length:

4 m max (13')

Opening/closing time:

0.6 to 2.5 sec


Integrated swing-off device




  • Fast, perfectly controlled movements (1.2 sec.)
  • Speed between 0.6 and 2.5 seconds
  • Automatic opening in case of power failure



  • Polystyrene or carbon PROTECTA boom
  • Many accessories available in accordance with various installation and safety constraints
  • Reversible arm (left and right)


  • Reversible gear motor
  • Direct drive boom reducing the failure rate
  • Guaranteed long life cycle



  • Fast closing after the passage of each vehicle
  • Boom swing-off system with sensor
  • Boom doesn't close if an obstacle is detected



TollPlus 261 - Highway barrier




For more information please download the technical datasheet TollPlus 261

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